Back to Basics - Complete This Lesson FIRST!

IMPORTANT NOTE! IF YOU HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED THE FREE HOW TO FIND YOUR PURPOSE COURSE, YOU CAN PROCEED DIRECTLY TO WEEK 1 - BE IMPECCABLE WITH YOUR WORD. Otherwise, carry on, complete this lesson first. Then you can have some flexibility about the order in which you choose to complete the other segments.

Congratulations on taking this first vital step towards living a life that you are totally in love with! If you make a commitment to work through this series of videos, books and your free coaching session, I promise you will start feeling better and better every day, reaching your goals, creating an amazing life and succeeding in every way. 

The reason this movement is called Be Happy First is that this is the key to everything you think you want. Think about it. Everything you want; more money, better health, your ideal weight, a wonderful intimate relationship….. you want because you believe that will make you happy. The whole world is wallowing in misery, looking outside themselves for things, situations and people to make them happy. It never ever works. All we are doing is giving away our power and putting happiness further and further out of reach. 

Now I am not saying and will NEVER say that you shouldn’t want things and that you shouldn’t have everything you want. Quite the opposite. You SHOULD have an amazing body, fat bank accounts, exciting experiences and someone you adore to share it all with. What I am saying is that as long as you are wanting and desiring from a place of lack, those things will never come to you. When you can figure out how to feel great right now, before you get what you want, you’ll be amazed at how quickly those things will race to your door. 

This section, Back To Basics, will teach you just how to do this. You will learn to believe that you are a divine, eternal spiritual being having a human experience. You will reawaken your imagination and remember how to dream of what you love. You will cast off the shackles that are making you feel like you don’t deserve or can’t have the abundance you want. You will learn how to look honestly at your life, create a vision of the life you would love, and to take inspired action in that direction. 

You will start being happier in the very first moment. You will learn that you get to CHOOSE! How you feel, what you give your attention to, how you respond to the people and events of your life. 

Here are the specific instructions for this section, lesson 1, Back to Basics. . 

1. Download the two eBooks or pdf's, and the Why Not Me, Why Not Now worksheet.

2. Get a journal or notebook that you love that is devoted to this journey. And/or go to and create your on line workspace.

3. Watch the introduction video. 

4. Watch the video that goes with "Why Not Me? Why Not Now?” and work through the "Why Not Me? Why Not Now?" eBook. Take as much time as you like, but re-visit it every day until you have a clear picture of your current situation in the five areas of your life and clear goals about where you would love to be in six months. There is also a handy spreadsheet so that you can condense this information into one easy to access sheet.

5. Watch the video that goes with “Thrive in the Now” and work through the “Thrive in the Now” ebook. Again, take your time, have fun, really give some great thought to the exercises. they all lead to the last exercise, creating your vision. 

6. Write a great vision that describes the life you are dreaming of. Make this an amazing story that you love to read, that makes you feel alive and happy. Follow the instructions in the book and make this a present tense, joyful, grateful, specific and positive report of your amazing new life! This will become your daily companion and your most powerful and effective tool for creating the life you want.

7. Every morning start by reading this vision, really feeling it, and making the decision that you will live this day as if all of this has already come to pass. 

8. Every evening, read your vision again. Plant images of this life that you love into your subconscious. Your subconscious doesn’t sleep and will be working on your vision while you rest your body. 

Finally, go to and schedule your free 30-minute coaching call. After you have completed these two exercises is the best time for your call, because I can help you to refine your vision and get you really launched into this new way of living and thinking. But if you find yourself stuck at any point and in need of support, go ahead and schedule your call and let me help. My favorite thing in the world is to be present when light bulbs go off, inspiration strikes…. when a real dream is born. These calls are scheduled as time allows, so feel free to plan ahead and schedule your call for the future.

I am so honored to be with you on this wonderful journey that begins here and ends never. I wish for you the most amazing life ever and I am eager to help. 

With all of my love and belief in you. 



Why Not Me 6 month goals chart pdf.pdf