Your Body - Overview - Your Earth Suit

Your Body Overview and Summary

Activity: Really beef up and engage with the Health portion of your six month vision. Add detail and really feel the feelings of reaching this goal for your body. 

Review of last month and Up Until Now Progress - What progress are you making on your six month goals? Have you formed the habit of reviewing your goals and your vision at least once a day? Have you thought of action steps to take? Have you actually TAKEN those steps? What challenges or perceived obstacles have shown up for you? Reach out if you need help re-patterning any limiting beliefs you have discovered. 

The Power of Words - Understanding the power our words have to create or destroy. Choosing what we will do with our words. Final week, the stories we tell. What stories do you tell about and TO your body? 

Questions to ponder this month as we delve into the state of our bodies. What is your approach to your health and your physical self image? 

You HAVE a body. Your body is not you, it is your temporary “earth suit” that allows you to navigate planet Earth. 

How are you treating your body? What is your relationship with your body? What is your relationship with food? What do you WANT your relationship with food to be? What is your relationship with exercise and movement? Do you have a loving regard for all of the things that are going RIGHT in your body right this minute? What kinds of food, drink, atmosphere and most importantly THOUGHTS are you giving your body? 

Do you honor your body or bully it? 

Look in the mirror daily and look for things to love and praise. 

Find something honest, kind and sweet to say about and too your least favorite body part. Start with the most unloved part of yourself and teach yourself to love it anyway. 

Never compare yourself to anyone else! Especially the edited versions of people that we see in the media. 

You are unique, in your spirit form and in your physical form. How do you love and relate to all the parts that are you? 

What are your pre-determined beliefs about food? Do they serve you? Do you feel educated about the choices you make? Are you being responsible for becoming an expert on your body? No one has the opportunity to know your body like you do. 

Are you checking in with your body, giving it a chance to communicate with you? 

Are you aware of how your body reacts to different foods? 

Review of one lifestyle choice: the Primal Lifestyle mimics the lives of our hunter-gather ancestors. Eating whole foods - vegetables and meats and moderate, seasonal fruit. Moving frequently and gently throughout our days. Sprinting occasionally, and lifting heavy objects occasionally. Honoring the cycles that are natural for our bodies. 

Be the expert of and the best friend to your body. 

Start Where you ARE!